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Single Malt Whisky « Tourbé collection » is a prestigious Whisky : double distilled and matured at Rozelieures, France. While appreciating this Single Malt, you will taste fine and delicate peaty flavours, slightly malted cereals, vanilla and fruity notes. It has been double awarded : Paris World Spirits Competition and Brussels International World Spirits Competition. It is a must for any bookshelf and easy to travel with : its format is accepted in cabin flights.

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In the middle of Lorraine volcanoes, in a peaty soil, stands the distillery G. Rozelieures. They chose to produce an exclusive Single Malt, made from their own production of cereals, using local peat.

Capitalising on 150 year of family experience, the Grallet-Dupic family produces a Lorraine Single Malt Whisky, from growing the cereals to ageing their spirits. The process of drying the malt with peat bestow a splendid peat to this Whisky!

The book of Whisky by G. Rozelieures is aimed at a discerning reader, connoisseur of Whiskies. Page after page, the reader will appreciate the subtlity of the Single Malt, its complex nose, smokiness, with dried fruits notes. In your mouth, this Whisky develops a rare generosity with memories of toasted hazelnuts.

Tasting : best at 20°C
Food : This Single Malt perfectly matches the savour of a roasted duck breat or a grilled trout with crispy silver almonds.

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