Gin, pocket book


This French Gin is a world-class spirit, tasted and rated by Andreas Larsson (best sommelier of the world 2005). This gin in the pocket edition is the best way to travel with French luxury ! You can travel with this edition of Alcopedia in your cabin luggage, which is very convenient for gifts.

Its shiny robe is the first approach before discovering its complex and intense taste : subtil notes of citrus, genever and fresh herbs. A pure happiness to enjoy in cocktails with tonic.

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Alcopedia presents a beautiful white binded-book with a minimalistic design. A super-limited version for the holidays!

We have selected for you an exceptional French Gin. The greatest Bordeaux wines are distilled and produced with 15 spices and herbs to create a unique gin. Thompson’s Gin, named after master distiller and designer Simon Thompson, is a fresh gin with notes of juniper berries, citrus fruits and lemongrass. Tasted by Andreas Larsson, best sommelier of the world in 2007, the latter boasted balance and length in the mouth. A very nice alcohol, which can be enjoyed as a cocktail or on ice!

Alcopedia unveils in limited edition this Gin of exception. A pure book, beautiful design object. This white paper will naturally take place in your library to add a touch of poetry or to complete a Christmas decoration with magic.

The Alcopedia paperback book: an essential travel companion, perfect gift for travelers who love design and beautiful objects (accepted in cabin cabin baggage). Find the other formats Alcopedia book and its exceptional spirits to enlarge your library

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