Cognac, pocket book


This XO Cognac in the pocket edition is the best way to travel with French luxury ! You can travel with this edition of Alcopedia in your cabin luggage, which is very convenient for gifts.

Its shiny golden robe is the first approach before discovering its complex and intense taste : subtil notes of pear marries with white almonds and touches of cinnamon.

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Located in the heart of the prestigious region “Grande Champagne”, the Cognac Claude Thorin benefits from its ideal limestone calcareous soil. The name of the region refers to the region Champagne which has similar ground.

This Cognac AOC was slowly aged in wood barrels. Its golden robe will seduce you at the first glance. Tasting it, you will appreciate its delicate aromas of pear, white almond and cinnamon, testimony of the rancio.

André Thorin started elaborating Cognac in the 1950s. Today, Claude Thorin masters this precise art in the respect of environment. Claude Thorin is one of the few Cognac domain rewarded by the HVE label (High Environmental Value). This label takes into account parameters such as biodiversity, phyto-sanitary strategy, water management, fertilization.

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