Calvados, half-folio


This small-format makes the perfect travel companion (autorised in cabin luggage).

This 20-year Calvados is exquisite. It complex aromas are a pleasure to feel. The slow and long maturation it underwent reveals a palette of sensations and souvenirs. Take time to discover its richness.

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The charming Domaine de la Mérité is situated in the French Risle countryside, in the heart of beautiful flowery Normandy. It has been producing renowned Calvados for decades and decades. Alcopedia selected the 20-year old Calvados. This spirit is complex and elegant.

Tasting this Calvados, you will firstly be attracted by its amber robe, with shiny reflects. The nose reminds grilled hazelnuts, but also white flowers and dried apricots. In your mouth, you will be amazed by its intensity. This smooth spirits presents a rare complexity, with notes of caramelized apple that reminds the famous Tatin Tart of the region.

Tasting notes : apple and pear, walnuts and grilled hazelnuts, toasted coffee beans. The complexity of leather and wood.
Tasting: At room temperature.
Pairing with food: This rare Calvados should be tasted as a digestive, accompanied by fine dark chocolate or a cigar.

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