Interview with Juliet, founder



“Alcopedia, is the encounter between my two passions: the tasting exceptional spirits, and books. The passion for spirits is a bit of a family affair. My parents picked it 20 years ago, a farm producing Calvados. During my studies in business school, I quickly invested myself in the oenological association of the school. It was an opportunity to multiply the meetings with producers of wines and spirits from France and elsewhere, they passionately sharing their love of the product and the importance of traditional knowledge and the enhancement of terroir.

Alcopedia mission is primarily to allow these men and women to share special alcohols, from the best vineyards of Europe (Charente, Normandy, Scotland, the Netherlands or Alsace), offering them a home that is worthy of their production.

Why books?

Small, I watched for hours my grandfather restore old books. A slow labor of love, designed to transmit to future generations some of the most beautiful pages of our past. By observing its precise movements that came to me the passion and respect for beautiful books: no question of going cut to store my bottles!

But any library that respects has some secrets: some books open the doors of the mind, others reveal hidden passages; others still lurk within them unsuspected riches … These books-hiding as valuable inside and outside, are an opportunity to discover the history of exceptional spirits … while joining practice to theory. “

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