In the XVIIIth century, the French Philosopher Denis Diderot, together with Jean Le Rond d’Alembert, undertook the daunting task of classifying all human knowledge in The Encyclopedia. This project was highly controversial since it criticized some aspects of the royal monarchy and religion. It was nonetheless a true success : 28 books compose the original edition, listing knowledge in Mathematics, Sciences, Economics, Art, Religion, Politics etc. More than 300 philosophers and scientists collaborated between 1751 and 1772.

This project encountered serious reluctance at that time, mostly from the absolute monarchy in power as well as from the religion. They felt criticized and threatened. Albeit this, the ambitious Encyclopedia was a true success.

Almost three centuries after, Alcopedia revive the flame of the ambition to bringing together the best Human achievements to offer you an exclusive edition of carefully selected alcohols. Keeping the Encyclopedia classification in volumes, each book present a particular spirit, a unique vintage and/or a special designation of origin. Like this, unparalleled spirits are offered in limited edition boxes, reflecting the work of generations of passionate craftsmen. Each type of spirits is embottled in a highly selective number of books, each one is numbered.

The spirits are selected with high care by a committee of enthusiasts and fine connoisseurs; you will thus be able to place each volume of your precious collection on your shelves. A couple of different collections are edited, in magnificient boxes representing ancient books design. Each one of this collection is inspired from work of Art from the time of the Enlightenment: leather-bound and gold-decorated books.

More charming and elegant than simple bottle of spirits, our delicate boxes are original gifts to collect or to offer. If you wish to shop with our products, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can reply with the contact details of our closest wine boutique. Of course, we remain at your entire disposition for any personnalisation desideratum (ex libris with the arms of your family, dedicated bookmark, engraving on the bottle).

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