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Alcopedia presents a superb trilogy of books in pocket format. Each volume contains a bottle of rare alcohol: a 20-year-old Calvados from Domaine de la Mérité, an Extra Old Cognac produced by Claude Thorin in Grande Champagne, and a delicately peaty Whiskey from Rozelieures in French Lorraine.

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The trilogy of Alcopedia books is the perfect gift for any booklover/spirit-taster. These three volumes will naturally take place in your library. Each book is handmade, in tradition of ancient book-binding.

Suitable for a comparative tasting, this trilogy in pocket size is ideal to discover exceptional alcohol. Our bottles are appropriate to compare and admire the colour of each alcohol, then you may enjoy their complexity. Having the opportunity to taste different spirits, you have an elegant bar that will surprise your guests. Your guests will be amazed at the secrecy as well as impressed by the quality of the selection.

The Calvados comes from the Domaine de la Mérité in French Normandy. More than 20 varieties of apple are used to create this unique spirit. Aged 20 years in wood barrels, this Calvados shares emotions and history. Tasting it, you will discover a rare complexity, with notes of hazelnuts and caramelized apple. Emblem of Normandy, Calvados is an elegant spirit and marries well with deserts.

The Extra Old Cognac has been selected among the most interesting Cognac : it comes from Grande Champagne, the region in the center of Cognac, well-known for its subtle spirits. Claude Thorin, the producer, selected two grapes varieties to produce his Cognac : the classic Ugni Blanc but also the Folle Blanche variety, which is an old grape variety that almost disappeared during the phylloxera crisis (1868-1895). It brings notes of white flower that are very interesting.

The Whisky is a complete surprise for Whisky connoisseurs : it is a French Whisky ! It comes from a small village poetically named Rozelieures (it used to be a place where reeds grew). The producer, Christophe Grallet-Dupic has a vision of integrity : he decided to master the production line of the Whisky : from growing the barley needed for the Whisky to ageing the Whisky, he achieves every step of the production. This unique approach benefits the final product and has been rewarded with many gold medals at international tastings. Delicately peated with local peat, this Whisky is a pleasure to look at and to taste.

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