Is Valentine’s day utterly romantic or just another commercial celebration?


Each year, the beginning of February is marked by an anthology of pink hearts, a landing of red roses and other garlands of feathers covering the palette of roses, mauves, purple … It is of course Valentine’s Day which approach! Celebrated by some, Valentine’s Day is a source of social pressure, without knowing exactly whether to celebrate or not, but without taking the risk of vexing not celebrating …

At Alcopedia we do not get bogged down with all his metaphysical considerations for Valentine’s Day and we adopt the Anglo-Saxon vision: Valentine’s Day is a party to thank all our Valentines and Valentines, all those who count for us, to this special occasion we thank them for being there every day. With Alcopedia, we are divided between two ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Either by remaining natural, to enjoy a daily life and appreciate it especially on Valentine’s Day, even when it falls one evening game, we think of the other, we enjoy a moment together. The second option, which I prefer, is to celebrate Valentine’s Day to those who count in ordinary everyday, and the best way to do it is thanks to the extra-ordinary! Valentine’s Day, an excellent opportunity to indulge in pleasure; to spoil oneself by spoiling those who really matter to us. Because the best gift is not to make those we love happy?

So, if Alcopedia can contribute and help you in this noble cause, in the search for a perfect gift, for a man or for a woman, we would be delighted to do everything for that! Alcopedia offers customizations (customization of the bottle, customization of the book), dedication but also handwritten word or unique gift packaging. We do everything for your most demanding requests, with the utmost care! The devil is in the detail; our paradise is with satisfied customers!

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