What stands behind the name “Cognac” ?

Cognac, a long French story

What stands behind the name “Cognac” ?

Today we will discover the spirits composing the AOC Cognac, following the decree written in 1909, Cognac is divided into 7 zones.

For each zone, the quality of the soil determines the quality of the product (essentially calcareous land, oceanic and temperate climate).

Alcopedia has selected for you a Cognac from the Grande Champagne, the most famous and the finest zone for Cognac. This terroir bears the name of Grande Champagne because the quality of its soil recalls the soil of the Champagne region, which is also well-known for its delicious nectars.

Here are the seven zones of AOC Cognac:

1 / La Grande Champagne ——–> the finest eaux-de-vie

2 / La Petite Champagne ———–> a lot of delicacy

3 / Borderies ———————>  rapidly ageing spirits

4 / Les Fins bois ———————-> less finesse than in Champagne

5 / The good woods ———————> taste of terroir marked

6 / The ordinary woods —————> local brandy

7 / Wood with terroir —————–> More common eaux-de-vie

Each vintage therefore has its own qualities, a particular flavor, aroma, different abilities to ageing, which allows, by cutting and mixing them, to obtain a whole range of different Cognac.

Why not make yourself your own opinion?, and start by tasting our exceptional Cognac XO Claude Thorin, produced and raised in the heart of the Grande Champagne.

The Grande Champagne lands are whitish beneath a subsoil of friable limestone; the climate has a lesser oceanic influence because of its remoteness from the sea without however marking a strong continental nature: the eaux de vie of this region are distinguished by their very fine and very long bouquet. The spirits coming exclusively from this region can claim the name Grande Champagne or Grande Fine Champagne, as is the case for our Cognac Alcopedia.

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