The legend about the origin of Calvados

What is the mysterious origin of Calvados ?

Alcopedia here tells you the legend about the origins of Calvados, one of the spirits presented in its new collection of rare books.

During the Spanish Armada in 1790, a fleet of Spanish ships is heading to England. In the Channel, the sea is stormy and extremely dangerous. A ship of the Spanish fleet, the San Salvador, hits the Normands rocks between Sainte-Honorine-des-Pertes and Saint-Côme-de-Fresné. The name of the sunken ship was given to the fatal rocks, the name of Salvador, distorted over time became Calvador and Calvados. Gradually the name of the region has also named his famous eau-de-vie.
This popular legend in Normandy is however criticized by linguists. René Leppelley supports and the etymology of the name would calva-dorsa, to mean the back or heights (dorsa) bald or barren (calva), which also correspond to the panorama of the region.

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