Interview of Juliet, founder of Alcopedia

Interview of Juliet, founder of Alcopedia

– Who’s behind the books and spirits Alcopedia?

Behind the cover of the beautiful Alcopedia books, there is Juliet, a 27-year old French girl, passionate about alcohol and loving old books. Above all, behind Alcopedia lies an exceptional cultural heritage, a know-how developed for the past centuries in order to produce the finest spirits, Cognac XO Claude Thorin, a 20-year old Calvados from the Domaine de la Mérité and a Single Malt Whiskey G. Rozelieures, all these that Juliet loves to share and would like to help the epicurians to discover.


– What gave birth to this brand?

The Alcopedia brand was initiated from the encounter between two worlds: rare spirits, produced by passionate people who make their products even more perfect from generation to generation, and the world of ancient books. The crossing of these universes gave birth to the name Alcopedia. Alcopedia, which I invented: it is the contraction of the prefix “alco” with reference to alcohols and the Greek suffix “pedia” which means “to learn”. Alcopedia is therefore the Encyclopedia of Alcohols; not without humor, we could add that the best way to learn about the alcohol remains tasting them, which is also why you will find a very nice bottle, ready to teach you plenty of things, inside each Alcopedia book!


– How did you come to this concept?

My parents produce Calvados in Normandy, which influenced my interest in the world of spirits. My passion for old books comes from my maternal grandfather, who restored these works of art with a meticulous patience. For me, they are admirable objects. The alliance of books related to the old and rare alcohols seemed obvious: from the outside, we admire a beautiful book-binding without knowing its pages, as the delicate colour of an alcohol shimmers reflections.

The same manner you have to read a book to understand it, you have to taste an alcohol to understand its subtleties. When you taste alcohol, you want to know more about its history, its manufacture, what makes it unique … and the format of a book participates in this story. To keep the spirit of a library, the books are published in 3 formats (pocket, half-folio and folio), you can “read” an alcohol or organize a comparative tasting with a trilogy.


– What do you like most about this job?

I have the chance to work on a lot of different things, as well to meet alcohol producers, to supervise the production of the books, the bottling, but also to communicate on the brand, to manage the sales objectives … I love the start-up spirit that allows me to be very responsive and fast, no need to ask a n + 1 … + 2 … + 3, if I have a good idea for Alcopedia, I can implement it at once ! This agility is a real strength and it would cost me a lot to give it up. In terms of Alcopedia, what I like above all is to be able to talk about the selected alcohols because I know them well, I met each of the producers, visited the distilleries and the cellars. It is exciting !


– Your favorite product (spirit)?

What a difficult question! Each of the alcohols I chose to present in the books Alcopedia is a personal favorite! Each one has its own characteristics, and is more suited for its unique moments … The Calvados that I chose is an exceptional vintage, assemblage of very old Calvados (the youngest eau-de-vie that comes into its composition at 20 years old), it is an intense alcohol of which a few drops fill with emotions. Cognac is rich in symbols: it is the most famous spirits on the planet and yet young people under 30 almost never consume it… what a pity! It must be discovered and understand the complexity! Alcopedia Whiskey was all the most a  personal discovery … Until only a few years ago, Whiskey was an alcohol that I knew very little about. This Whisky is the greatest introduction to understand the subtle alchemy that gives a peaty side to this nectar, the best way to appreciate it.


– A project / A crazy desire?

Plenty of crazy projects! If I were to mention one, it would be to go to Mexico to discover the world of Tequila, of which we have in Europe only a poor image of a white alcohol ready to be consumed in shots or cocktails! In Mexico, Tequila is a prestigious alcohol that is aged and consumed with the same respect as the best French wines and spirits. I would love to discover its production in the village of Tequila, so different from European spirits!


– News to share?

It’s been a year already, but I admired Emma Watson’s initiative with her reading circle “Our Shared Shelf”: to promote reading, she did not hesitate to hide books in the London subway. On March 8th, for Women’s Day, she distributed autographed books on the Montreal subway. A nice incentive to read!

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