Chocolate and spirits: a short guide to a successful marriage

As Easter approaches, gourmands wake up and anticipate subtle agreements between spirits and chocolates! How to marry the two in the most harmonious way? Chocolate with Cognac, Whiskey or Calvados? One must start by choosing the spirit that we want to taste for Easter (or any other gourmet moment). Then, one should select the chocolate, according to the aromas of the chosen alcohol.

For the Whiskey, here is the extract of an interview with Victoire Finaz, chocologist and chocolate designer: “In general, it is the drink that guides the choice of chocolate! Well tuned, both form a harmonious couple and can even trigger passions … A young whiskey, with notes of honey, vanilla or cocoa will echo, with the sweetness of a ganache to milk chocolate and tonka bean. Its notes of caramel, vanilla and almond temper the alcohol and soften the tasting of the whiskey. A whiskey with more peat, with notes of candied yellow fruit, will match perfectly with a bitter orange ganache.

For many amateurs, Cognac will be the perfect match with chocolate and a cigar. In this case, one should favor a chocolate truffle, melting and creamy, which marries wonderfully with the roundness in the mouth of Cognac. A very nice agreement to enjoy with free time ahead. The rancio of our Cognac Claude Thorin XO will also develop generously with a chocolate dessert. We can also enrich this gourmet duo of a vanilla ice cream that will bring a surprising contrast to the agreement between chocolate and Cognac XO, as suggested in the Major Agreements of Cognac ( in French: /uploads/2016/03/livrets-BtoC-d%C3%A9f.compressed.pdf)

More daring, the renowned Belgian chocolatier, Pierre Marcolini, surprises us with delicately scented ganaches. The range of choices is immense and gourmets can marry the scent of the ganache with the vanilla and spicy notes of an old Calvados like our 20-year old Calvados de la Mérité.

The golden rule to remember for the perfect marriage of a chocolate and a spirit is to associate the sweet roundness of a young alcohol, a rum or a liquor with a milk chocolate while a very old alcohol, developing spicier or even woodier notes will be associated with the length in the mouth of an intense dark chocolate. It’s up to you to find the perfect match, according to your tastes! Easter is coming, if you are still undecided, do not hesitate to contact us at for more personalized advice and find our products on Have a good tasting !

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