The 10 good reasons to offer an Alcopedia book for Christmas

The period of Christmas presents is approaching and like every year it is anguish … No gift ideas? Alcopedia is here to help you! Offer a book Alcopedia is the guarantee of a gift that will please!

# 1: The Alcopedia book, THE original gift that no one has yet!

Of course, your dad who has everything does not have this gift yet: it's brand new!

# 2: The opportunity to taste an exceptional spirit

When was the last time you drank a 25 year old Cognac? Well with Alcopedia it's possible for less than 50 euros! The pocket size offers exceptional wines at very competitive prices (downright off competition in fact), a very nice gift for men

# 3: Small producers

Promised, you will not find the same bottle at the local supermarket. Alcopedia works only with producers for whom quality is proof of their passion, our distribution network is exclusive and we work with quality points of sale.

# 4: It fits in the bag, even with the skis

Are you going to winter sports for the holidays? The lazy to carry huge packages? Here is the practical gift that will not take more space than your favorite book ... This is the case to say!

# 5: No time? More time to browse the shops? Not the urge to mingle with the compact crowd?

Order online ! Our products will arrive in less than a week!

# 6: Your secret asset …

Your secret asset is that you can offer an Alcopedia book ... on every occasion! No more breakdowns of ideas: at each new event, you can complete the beautiful library. A binding adorned with gold throws it!

# 7: Gifts for everyone

And yes, Alcopedia offers 3 different formats, it is the guarantee to find the rare pearl that will please everyone, all budgets! It's so hard to find a gift for men, to change the alternation "candle" / "scarf" nothing better than a beautiful handmade gift: a book Alcopedia!

# 8: Cognac, Whiskey, Calvados and many others

Bernard swears by Calvados? That's good, Alcopedia offers you an edition of 3 exceptional cuvées! You will please each of your loved ones because we offer you a very nice range of spirits. The books are available in 3 formats: paperback, half-folio and folio

# 9: Fostering culture !

With each bottle, explanations on the production method and the producers. What better to understand why there is a name "Grande Champagne" 600 kilometers from Reims. It's exciting to discover the story of an alcohol that will be appreciated even more. To discover on the back of the label of each bottle Alcopedia (as a bonus you have prepared labels in the form of mark pages).

# 10: Customisation!

Because yes, that's the class, uncle Edouard can not believe his eyes, a special dedication for him this year (it will catch up last year when you offered him a pair of socks not his size) . For customizations, contact Juliet at (and plan a few days in advance!), Without minimum quantity we offer customization and dedication labels on a quality laid paper.

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